Wednesday, May 18, 2011


--Panasonic Air-cond--
Panasonic 1.0HP - CS-PC9MKH (CU-PC9MKH) RM810
Panasonic 1.5HP - CS-PC12MKH (CU-PC12MKH) RM1100
Panasonic 2.0HP - CS-PC18MKH (CU-PC18MKH) RM1850
Panasonic 2.5HP - CS-PC24MKH (CU-PC24MKH) RM2240

Panasonic 1.0HP(With ionizer) - CS-C9MKH (CU-C9MKH) RM1030
Panasonic 1.5HP(With ionizer) - CS-C12MKH (CU-C12MKH) RM1390
Panasonic 2.0HP(With ionizer) - CS-C18MKH (CU-C18MKH) RM2130
Panasonic 2.5HP(With ionizer) - CS-C24MKH (CU-C24MKH) RM2450

Panasonic 1.0HP(With inverter & ionizer) - CS-S10MKH (CU-S10MKH) RM1240
Panasonic 1.5HP(With inverter & ionizer) - CS-S13MKH (CU-S13MKH) RM1530
Panasonic 2.0HP(With inverter & ionizer) - CS-S18MKH (CU-S18MKH) RM2390
Panasonic 2.5HP(With inverter & ionizer) - CS-S24MKH (CU-S24MKH) RM2820

--York Air-cond--
York 1.0HP - RM840
York 1.5HP - RM1110
York 2.0HP - RM1860
York 2.5HP - RM2140

York 1.0HP(With ionizer) - RM870
York 1.5HP(With ionizer) - RM1180
York 2.0HP(With ionizer) - RM1930
York 2.5HP(With ionizer) - RM2200

--Fujiaire Air-cond--
Fujiaire 1.0HP - RM670
Fujiaire 1.5HP - RM910
Fujiaire 2.0HP - RM1410

--Acson Air-cond--
Acson 1.0HP - RM750
Acson 1.5HP - RM1050
Acson 2.0HP - RM1660
Acson 2.5HP - RM1890

**5 years compressor warranty and 1 year warranty for air-cond
**Installation will include 10 Feet copper piping, installation and wiring only
**Price above not include installation fee
**Payment: COD or Bank in drool.gif

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